Friday, May 11, 2018

My non chronological report

For the past two weeks our class has been learning about non chronological report.
I learnt what a non chronological report was.I found writing lots of fake fact on my other report.
Compared from the start I have Improved my factual language and paragraphing.

The indicator shoes

This report is to inform you about the Indicator shoe. This shoe is made for safety on the sidewalks. The company named Nikoli stainger in 2011 sent 6 pairs of shoes to people and got the to try them. They agreed to try them for 6 months.

Style: I named it the indicator shoe because whatever way you point your foot the arrows at the back point in that direction. I think that this shoe is special because, no one has made a shoe like the one I have just completed. This shoe is important because it tells people what way you are going  plus it is eco friendly which I think is really important.

Materials: The shoe is made out of Bamboo,sheeps wool,plastic and light which is all is recycled at a recycling dump.This is important to the shoes design because it is kinder on the environment and will not kill plants. The bamboo sides on the shoe are important because it keeps out the water which keeps the buyers feet dry. The sheeps wool inner sole will keep all feet comfortable and warm. The plastic cover over the lights to keep them dry.

Price: This shoe will be in shops all around the world it will be sold for $45.At this price people will want to buy this shoe price because it is cheaper and safer than other shoes.

98% of people love the shoe.
The  indicator shoe can be summed up in one word safe.


  1. That is really cool writing buddy. Well done!! I know a lot of people who could use a pair of your indicator shoes. Love mum

  2. Hi, My name is charlotte from Papakura central school I am a year 5. This I really cool writing.
    blog you later
    from Charlotte


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