Wednesday, November 28, 2018

linc-ed Uploading

linc-ed Uploading what a day!!! Today we had to upload our work we have gone from, see-saw to linc-ed we still use our blogs as you can see,  linc-ed is easy quick and smart the students and teachers can use it the teachers can write behavior issues in the playground they can do the roll, get our parents contact details our information our house colours and our age including D.O.B.  Even the login is very easy.  What do your teachers use?

Thursday, November 22, 2018


Today for the afternoon we had a guy called tama come into our class to teach us that we are all different in different ways but we are all normal if we want to be  he told use some of his funny stories.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

My Math Work!!!!!

For the past 5 weeks I have been working on decimals today I worked on comparing decimals I found it hard so the teacher put a timer on and I got it done in 2.22 minutes. 

Friday, November 9, 2018


Here is a great recount I wrote.

It had started off like any normal day that month, but now that I think of it dad seemed more stressed and mum was not home that night, that very next morning dad had to drop me off to grandad nonos house it was boring there so I just sat on a box while grandad mowed the lawn. I remember seeing a picture of grandad and dad playing with a bright red wagon just like the one that I used to stack boxes onto so I could stand on them to get the picture the wagon moved right from under my feet and out fell a helmet.

Then I heard the lawn mower stop and grandad come stomping into the house with a helmet in his hand. I know he would have been so mad if he had run it over with the lawnmower. Then grandad asked do you want to take the wan for a spin and I said defiantly, so we did I put on the helmet and made sure I had my arms and leg in the wagon and off we went, all of a sudden monkeys started to chase us and then we were in a jungle.

Then grandad started to run faster and faster then he jumped over me and into the back of the wagon within minutes we were over the side of a cliffed and were falling into stream with our wagon I thought that we were going to drown but the wagon soon turned into a boat and we were floating past hundreds of crocodiles then my teddy pointed at the end of the stream that was flowing down a waterfall.

Just then we dropped down down down until I felt the bottom of the sea floor then we rose and we were in a plane we were 300 hundred meters in the sky then the plane ran out of fuel we had to jump so I jumped and I pulled the parachute and fell softly to the ground were me and Grandad had something to eat.

Just then something green zapped the swing a few meters away from us then we jumped into our space suits and got in our hovercraft I pulled out me zapper and started to shot down the ufos and all of a sudden there was the biggest of them all so I grabbed out my ultra heat ray and then two big light shone in our eyes and woke me from the fight I saw I was holding a hose and dad got out the car. I said that this was the best day of my life to dad and asked for a week with grandad.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Reading excellent

This term for reading we are focusing on comprehension and answering the questions about the text. This was my first time focusing on that. Mrs. Stratton said that my work and my highlighting was at high school standards she said that I will I would go really well and high school. She also said that if I was in high school I will get an A+ This made me feel like a grownup.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Antler Cafe

This afternoon with Isaac hunter zac and I went to the antler cafe, I got a lolly cake and a hot chocolate. It was the best day of my life we went on all the fire trucks, my favorite one was the old one, it fancy sliding doors on both sides it was it's birthday today it was huge the doorstep was up of the ground my 85 centimeters. It was crazy. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

My Reflection on the term 3.

Every term In rimu we do a reflection on our term, this term I wanted to blog my reflection.