Monday, November 27, 2017

A & P show photo book

On thursday 16th My class went to the A&P show we went in groups in my group I had Bridget,Bryden,Shay and I rachelle was the leader we had so much fun here is my photo book.I wish I got more done in a week.

Friday, October 20, 2017

My amazing Logo for URU MANUKA logo comp

This is my slide show of logos that I made for uru manuka because we had to design a logo to put in the competition .My favorite is the first one please leave some feedback? What one is your favorite?

Friday, September 22, 2017

My writing test

Once in a dark foggy and damp forest there was a nerf war there was a dark navy blue team and a bright rose red team, the teams were enzymes like in the real war they would fight all day.The rose red team had 4 people and the navy blue the same amount but amazingly they had 3 jeep 10 drones that can shot from the dark sky,the rose red team had backup the backup was the airsoft team.

The navy blue team were the smartest they had lots of places that they shot  from,they shot down three  of the rose red team and the rose red team had to call in backup early, so the blue team call in the drones and one jeep and the jeep could hold 4 people and the airsoft team could hold 10 people.Then the airsoft team started to spread out and one of them found a cabin….

So they went inside and ues that a shooting rage and then all went inside and they stayed there, but then the blue team found them after about ten mins of looking for them, the cabin was a 3 story cabin, and it had a stairway up to the front deck, but they to be careful to not be seen or court at all the slowly shot down the rose red team the drones did most of the work and the other two jeeps were called in a went into the cabin took out the other rose red team members.The amzing blue team were amazed that they had actually won then when the got back to base they planned an even better one but they were stuck can you help them plan an even more exciting nerf war please if you have an idear comment comment comment.I would love write some nerf war stories.I would also love to know what think of this crazy story.◕‿◕

Fact about skiing

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Here's my spring poem I hope you enjoy

I love the flowers.
I love the budding trees.
I love the chirping birds.
I love the buzzing bees.
I love the Springtime.
When the sun is warm and bright.
By Nikoli

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Impossible Boy-By Leonie Agnew

On Monday 7th my class went to st margate college on the bus and when we got there all the girls were at the windows watching us come into their school and we had to walk to where the book Award was held then we had to find our seats and then we had to wait for the other schools to get in their seats then we had to be quiet and listen to the authors speeches.

My favorite author is Leonie Agnew because her books sounded amazing to read and her first book was Super Finn and the one she told us about was the Impossible boy and it was about a 6year old boy that was lost at war